Hi There, We are....

Andrea and Kevin Orlosky

Andrea and Kevin Orlosky, the creative force behind Orlosky Studio, both graduated with high honors from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2004. In 2007, in response to the need for accessible arts outreach programming in our area, we co-founded Art on Wheels. Over the next 13 years, we grew Art on Wheels into a successful therapeutic arts nonprofit with dozens of program locations and numerous public art events each year, reaching thousands of people annually.


These experiences proved to be pivotal in our development as public artists. We established Orlosky Studio, a public art practice which allows us to bring our expertise with community engagement into the public art realm. We have continued to build upon our prior successes, winning commissions from coast to coast across North America. Recently our public artworks have been featured in national industry-related media such as CodaMag, and we elevated our practice to a new international audience in Canada.


Adept creative problem solvers and community-minded thinkers, we work as a team to develop concepts, designs, and engagement strategies. Utilizing each of our strengths, Andrea handles outreach and project management while Kevin leads fabrication and design. We frequently contract with industry specialists and bring in community partners to achieve our conceptual and artistic goals. We have worked as a collaborative team with nine separate municipalities and countless corporate and community groups on arts in the public realm. Our experience informs the ways we conceptualize the possibilities for the public art industry and has positioned us strongly as leaders in the building trend of engaging communities through public art commissions.