We work strategically to bring people together, activate their imaginations, and
amplify their voices.

For more than a decade, the Orlosky Studio portfolio demonstrates inventive approaches to beautifying public spaces. We seek to elevate shared experiences and introduce opportunities for connection through community involvement in the artistic process. 


We approach each site-specific work of art as collaborative creators and responsive listeners, customizing concepts and public engagement for maximum community impact. Our projects span a wide variety of media, and we believe in the skill-strength that emerges from a collaborative process.


We are interested in deepening connections, building communal meaning through interpersonal understanding. 

Our work in the field of social practice illuminates collective truths and sparks conversations on the human experience. In our placemaking we celebrate unique historical, environmental, or site-specific details. To cultivate an idea and explore an emerging concept we ask ourselves…


  • What is important to represent here?

  • Why is this significant?

  • How can we get more people involved?

Throughout our artistic process we endeavor to produce moments of joy, increased accessibility, and appreciation for art as an integral part of a happy life. We believe it is incredibly important for community members to feel a sense of ownership and pride about art that exists in their public spaces. Open and inclusive participation in the creative process increases the viability of art as an agent for collective empowerment. Creating responsive artistic concepts that meet community needs is work we are proud to be doing.

From colorful, interactive installations which examine universal sources of positivity, to a world record print that honors over 200 people affected by cancer, or a relief sculpture created using a medieval ballista to honor veterans, we have engaged audiences in whimsical, profound, and unexpected ways.


Committed to community involvement, we approach collaboration with intention and purposefully craft interactions which are accessible and empowering, providing participants with a feeling of ownership to the project. Beginning with concept development and integrated throughout the production and installation of our works we ask ourselves…


  • How can we get more people involved? 

  • How can we make this fun?

  • How can we make this meaningful?

We work with community organizations and municipalities to reach residents and transform perceptions on the role of art in the public realm. In a world where too many people have had their brilliant fire tampered down, we seek to awaken and nurture that spark through community driven works of art.