Find Art Doors

We managed the operations of this project that up-cycled 40 doors representing those removed from the renovation of a Virginia Supportive Housing apartment complex for formerly homeless individuals. We worked with local professional artists and community groups to help showcase our creative community by turning the doors into works of art. The doors were installed at museums, parks, historic sites, and other landmarks around Richmond with a city-wide scavenger hunt for visitors to “Find Art Doors.” Shown is a selection of the doors.

  • Year


  • Location

    Parks in Richmond, VA

  • Materials

    Up-cycled doors, acrylic, latex, other mixed media

  • Community Partners

    Art on Wheels, Virginia Supportive Housing, City of Richmond

  • Featured Artists

    Featured: Travis Robertson, Matt Lively, Heide Trepanier, Kendra Wadsworth, Becky Brooks, Parker Galore, Sir James Thornhill, Holton Elementary, Genesis Chapman, Edward Allen Gross, All the Saints Theater Co., Dawn Campbell, Mikeal Broth, Ed Trask, Hamilton Glass, Chris Milk, Bizhan Khodebandeh, Side by Side, Jennifer Thompson, Nico Cathcart, Ryan Corrigan, Noah Scalin, Merenda Cecelia, Kevin Orlosky