Home is Not a House

Home Is Not A House is an interactive artwork which uses the visual iconography of an isolated door threshold to examine the emotional connections we feel to our homes. Content for the work was sourced through engagement by asking locals from the Oak Bay area to contemplate their meaning of home. Viewers are invited to open the door and connect with fellow community members’ emotional understanding of “Home.” The interaction sparks reflection on the disparity present in the ways we assign value to physical structures, compared to the intangible emotional experiences of what truly matters in an individual’s experience of home.

  • Year


  • Location

    Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Materials

    Acrylic, Acylic Mirror, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Door, Hinges, Shingles.

  • Size

    84” x 39” x 6”

  • Commissioned by

    Arts Alive Oak Bay