Memories of Water

This proposed concept was for a bioretention pond for a new community center. We started thinking about the water cycle, about how the water relates to community, and how they are both constantly moving, changing, and cycling. So we wanted to incorporate kinetic elements in three sculptures to represent the water cycle.

    1. Evaporation
    2. Condensation
    3. Precipitation

The sculptures use the raindrop as a visual symbol for how the individual relates to community, each double-sided raindrop represents one person’s responses to our two community engagement prompts about memories surrounding water. The responses show the roles water plays in people’s lives.

Both the individual droplets and the overall sculpture move with the wind, creating an ever-changing visual dialogue that illustrates fundamental environmental processes through collaborative storytelling.

  • Material

    Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Urethane Paint

  • Size

    Evaporation: 14' x 6' x 6' Condensation: 10' x 12' x 12' Precipitation: 14' x 6' x 6'