Mama Always Says…

This concept rendering was proposed for the Hillside Court Playground + Project in Richmond, VA. The uniquely contoured, undulating shapes that are iconic of parametric architecture style create an organic topography which will be composed of community wisdom. Building upon previous works, our design incorporates language into the design of the artwork. In recognition of the high percentage of female heads of household, and as a celebration of the generational wisdom that women bring to their families, our proposal would engage with community members to complete the well-known adage “Mama Always Says…” These gathered words of wisdom would be curated and incorporated into the design of the shade structure. The rounded, changing shapes of the parametric design style allows the words of wisdom to be unveiled slowly, with layers of interpretation and reflection. Thought provoking, educational, and representative of community values, the piece builds agency and trust as a result of its community-provided content, and the wisdom included in the artwork engenders loyalty and community pride.

  • Material

    Concrete, Marine Grade Plywood, Alluminum

  • Size

    9' x 24' x 6'